Oの英語学習雑記 〜新形式〜
コロナの影響によりTOEIC(R) L&Rの話題は皆無。
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101. The membership of the Thunders familly will probably change ------- the next six months.
(A) from
(B) out
(C) to
(D) over

102. The Thunders concert is expected to sell out, so buying tickets in advance is ------- adviced.
(A) evenly
(B) nearly
(C) merely
(D) highly

103. Oil price rose ------- again last month, but most economists expect a sharp decrease in coming months.
(A) highly
(B) rarely
(C) slightly
(D) previously

104. While many toeicker would like to revise the rule, some would rather abolish it -------.
(A) altogether
(B) unlike
(C) beyond
(D) total

正解は上からover, highly, slightly, altogetherです。


Q. Who is responsible for the workshop next month?
A. That will be decided at today's meeting.

Q. What do you think of the plan?
A. I haven't looked at it yet.

Q. When is the store scheduled to reopen?
A. It's not certain yet.

Q. Why weren't you able to attend the meeting?
A. I thought it was canceled.

Q. Why do you keep avoiding my phone calls?
A. Sorry, I was in a theater.

ニオイTEST01 Part1,Part5の単語

vessel : 器
stir  : かき混ぜる
archway : アーチ道
squat : しゃがむ
chimney : 煙突
abolish : 廃止する
appraisai : 評価
outpouring : 流出物
patented : 特許の
tardy : 遅れた
in Mr.Thuders absence : サンダースの留守中は
overweigh : 勝る
task force : 特別委員会


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