Oの英語学習雑記 〜新形式〜
コロナの影響によりTOEIC(R) L&Rの話題は皆無。
前置詞 副詞 副詞 落合福嗣

101. The membership of the Thunders familly will probably change ------- the next six months.
(A) from
(B) out
(C) to
(D) over

102. The Thunders concert is expected to sell out, so buying tickets in advance is ------- adviced.
(A) evenly
(B) nearly
(C) merely
(D) highly

103. Oil price rose ------- again last month, but most economists expect a sharp decrease in coming months.
(A) highly
(B) rarely
(C) slightly
(D) previously

104. While many toeicker would like to revise the rule, some would rather abolish it -------.
(A) altogether
(B) unlike
(C) beyond
(D) total

正解は上からover, highly, slightly, altogetherです。

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